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Articles for October, 2019
Tax and Financial News
How to Get the IRS to Pre-Approve Your Taxes
October, 2019
It might seem odd, but it is possible to get the IRS to give you a straight-forward and binding answer to ambiguous tax positions in advance. How does this happen, you ask? The answer is through an IRS...
General Business News
When Full Costing Accounting Makes Sense
October, 2019
With more than 1.4 million accounting jobs in 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are many different uses for accountants and their skills. With the need for accuracy and transparency...
Stock Market News
Will China's Recent Soybean Purchase Begin Thawing the Trade War?
October, 2019
With the United States Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service announcing a purchase of 204,000 metric tons of U.S. soybeans by private Chinese importers, there are hopes that the trade war...
Financial Planning
How to Inflation-Proof a Retirement Portfolio
October, 2019
Statistics indicate that the average life expectancy is longer than it used to be, but empirically we see this every day among elderly people who have lived much longer than they probably expected. This phenomenon...
What's New in Technology
What is VPN and Why Do You Need It?
October, 2019
The rise in the number of data breaches reported every other day has become a major concern – even to the ordinary internet user. As a result, we have all become aware of the need to maintain privacy...
Tip of the Month
How Parents Can Save Money for College-Bound Kids
October, 2019
No matter how old your children are, it’s always a good idea to start saving for college as soon as possible. (Yes, even when they’re still in diapers.) This might sound overwhelming, especially...
Congress at Work
Debt Relief for Military Service Members, Veterans, Family Farmers and Small Business Owners
October, 2019
Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 (HR 3311) – Scheduled to take effect starting in February 2020, this new law offers small businesses more agreeable terms when filing for Chapter 11...