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Fraud Investigation

Unfortunately, things happen in a business that the business owner does not want to happen within their company and this may be the result of fraud being committed by employees or others. Our team of professionals can come in and review the records to determine if fraud was committed and to document the losses that were caused by fraud.  Further, we can provide services that will help the company strengthen its internal control to  minimize the risk of fraud.  Fraud is a real business risk that management must address in today's business climate.  Fraud not only can have a financial risk but a risk to the reputation of the company.  Here are just a few areas that we can assist you in relation to fraud:

  • Unapproved use of company credit cards
  • Embezzlement of cash
  • Lapping scheme in connection with accounts receivable
  • Unapproved rates of pay/bonuses
  • Sales commissions schemes
  • Fictitious customers and/or vendors