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Articles for August, 2022
Tax and Financial News
Expanding the Net Investment Income Tax
August, 2022
Despite borrowing massive amounts of money, the government still needs to find ways to raise revenue to pay for new programs and spending. The current democratically controlled Congress is looking to potentially...
General Business News
How Businesses Can Mitigate Inflation & Maintain Pricing Power
August, 2022
Whether it's tariffs, trade wars or post-pandemic inflation caused by kink-ridden supply chains and what many experts believe to be excess money printing, inflation is an insidious drag on businesses' operations. When it comes to...
Accounting News
4 Common Depreciation Methods and Their Uses
August, 2022
Depreciation is the accounting concept that evaluates an asset's useful life. As the Internal Revenue Service explains, depreciable property – which could include equipment, structures, means of transportation, fixtures, etc. – is examined to...
Financial Planning
Stock Splits, Explained
August, 2022
Imagine selling slices of a large pizza. You can cut it into four even slices and charge $2 a slice. Or, you can cut it into eight even slices and charge $1 per slice. Either way, the total value of the pizza will still be $8...
What's New in Technology
What Are NFTs and How Can Businesses Benefit?
August, 2022
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are rising in demand, and some brands are already generating great results in their campaigns and providing a unique experience to customers. As the hype around NFTs continues, businesses...
Tip of the Month
8 Ways to Save on School Supplies
August, 2022
Even though summer is still somewhat in full swing, school will be starting soon. Yes, you heard that right. This means that you probably need to get prepared for the inevitable cash outlay ahead. But it doesn’t have to...
Congress at Work
Strengthening the Supply Chain, the Professional Workforce, Cybersecurity and Coastal Ecosystems
August, 2022
Supply Chain Security Training Act of 2021 (S 2201) – This legislation is designed to identify supply chain risks and develop a government program to train federal officials with supply chain...