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Articles for June, 2023
Tax and Financial News
End of Covid Emergency Declarations Put Work from Home Benefits at Risk
June, 2023
The end of the federal emergency declaration for Covid-19 came on May 11. As a result, there are various public health policy changes. For example, vaccines and treatments will remain available, but at-home tests...
General Business News
Delving Into Forensic Accounting
June, 2023
According to a 2022 Allied Market Research report, the size of the global forensic accounting market is forecast to increase in value to $11.68 billion in 2031, up from its 2021 estimated value of $5.13 billion. Allied Market Research puts this...
Accounting News
Understanding Modified Accrual Accounting
June, 2023
According to the Federal Register, there were about 90,000 local and state government entities throughout the country in 2022. This number is comprised of towns, counties, cities, special districts and independent school districts. One...
Financial Planning
How To Recession-Proof Your Portfolio (Just in Case)
June, 2023
Some economists and market analysts have been predicting a U.S. recession ever since last fall. They’ve been wrong before – but they’ve also been right. Rather than try to predict how the stock market will react during the next...
What's New in Technology
Upholding Human Agency in an Era of Evolving Digital Systems
June, 2023
Technology has greatly contributed to improving and streamlining everyday life. However, as technology advances, there is an increased reliance on digital tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Unfortunately, these technologies are...
Tip of the Month
7 Tips to Save Money This Summer
June, 2023
Summer is here and so are all the activities. But as we know, these activities cost money. Here are a few ways you can still have fun and, while doing so, save some cash...
Congress at Work
Increasing the Federal Debt Limit, Improving Disaster Resources and Attempting to Reduce Government Waste
June, 2023
Limit, Save, Grow Act of 2023 (HR 2811) – This bill was introduced in the House by Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-TX) on April 26. It would authorize and increase the federal debt limit as well as specific cuts...