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Articles for April, 2024
Tax and Financial News
Reduce Your Taxes by Putting the Right Assets in Your IRA
April, 2024
Most people know the basic concept that certain types of investment accounts are tax sheltered while others are not. Think 401(k), 403(b), IRA and Roth IRA accounts, for example. What most people are not aware of is how you split your...
General Business News
Defining Burn Rate, Gross Burn and Net Burn
April, 2024
When it comes to any business, but especially for a start-up, it’s essential to determine how long a company can survive before it must declare bankruptcy and/or close its doors. The biggest metric, especially for a start-up, is to...
Accounting News
Taking a Closer Look at Trial Balances
April, 2024
A trial balance is an accounting tool that helps businesses determine if the double entry accounting system has any mathematical errors. Once the trial balance is worked through, and the total debits and total credits equal each other, we know...
Financial Planning
Part 1: Pre-Retirement Planning Guide
April, 2024
One of the more insightful quotes of baseball great Yogi Berra was, “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.”...
What's New in Technology
Importance of Fostering Digital Trust in Today's Businesses
April, 2024
Modern business today is dominated by digital transactions and interactions. Businesses are increasingly storing customers’ personal information, which is potentially accessible without the customers’ knowledge...
Tip of the Month
April is Financial Literacy Month: How Much Do You Know?
April, 2024
What started as Youth Financial Literacy Day some years ago is now a monthlong event: Financial Literacy Month. It all started in 2003, when some U.S. legislators got together and...
Congress at Work
Funding the Government, Protecting Americans from Misuse of Data, Expanding Internet Access and Improving Recycling
April, 2024
Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2024 (HR 4366) – On March 9, the president signed the latest appropriations bill passed in time to halt a government shutdown. While this bill does authorize funding through end of the...