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Articles for November, 2022
Tax and Financial News
Tax Planning Guide for Disaster Area Victims
November, 2022
The recent hurricane Ian impacted much of the southeast United States. As a result, it is good to know the general tax rules related to disaster victims. Below, we look at several tax topics for disaster area victims....
General Business News
Auditing: What it is & Why It's Done
November, 2022
Auditing typically refers to an objective review of a company’s financial statements, which consists of the cash flow statement, the income statement and the balance sheet. It analyzes the level of accuracy...
Accounting News
Dissecting the Revenue Recognition Principle
November, 2022
Some businesses, especially publicly traded ones, may choose accrual accounting to reduce volatility in earnings, while start-ups or small businesses may choose to go with a cash basis accounting option. A poll conducted...
Financial Planning
Do You Have an Investment Exit Strategy?
November, 2022
Are you a trader or an investor? The difference is frequently discerned by how closely you monitor the stock market and how quickly you move in and out of investments. Traders are often referred to as market timers because...
What's New in Technology
Quantum Computing Uses That Solve Business Problems
November, 2022
Early technology adopters are more likely to gain better business results, including higher revenue growth and market position. With businesses facing complex problems every day, it is no doubt that they are always watching...
Tip of the Month
How to Write Great Happy Holiday Emails
November, 2022
There’s no better time than the holidays to show your employees and your clients how much you appreciate them. Here are five simple steps to help you craft the perfect email in no time...
Congress at Work
Saving Animals, Enhancing Government Efficiency, and Supporting Global Food Security
November, 2022
Planning for Animal Wellness Act /PAW Act (S 4205) – Introduced by Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI) on May 12, this act instructs the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to compile best practices and...